we have update our ZCM from 11.3 to 11.4.1 - when i update the Client Agent on the Workstation, our massstorage device control policy don't work!

I have a policy that disable all storage devices ( USB,DVD,floppy etc) for all Users, then i have a second Policy who allows USB massstorage device for some users. With the Client agent 11.3.1 this work with no problem - with the client agent 11.4.1 USB massstorage device are for all disable. Where is the problem !?

Perhaps you have another solution for make a policy where at first all storage devices ( USB,DVD,floppy etc) for all User are disable, but for only some exclude User there can use it.

A solution with --> Policy A "storage devices Disable" for User "1,3,5,6....34"

and a --> Policy B "storage devices allow" for user "2,4" is not the solution, that i want.