I am a little bit next to me as I can't see why the following is not

Situation: I have two nodesets with several instances. Each instance
will have an attribute named "Role" and one attribute named
"RoleDescription". Both are only different in this, that the first
nodeset contains english descriptions and the Second german description
Now I am for-each'ing throu the first nodeset, building an document
which adds the role in IDM. As both Nodesets are really large (100.000+
instances) I thought to xpath the second nodeset to get the german part
of the description. So my xpath is:


were $lv-role contains the name of the role and lv-instances-de is the
nodeset containing the german speaking instances. If I do a test against
a normal xml doc containing an instance, I get back the result I expect.
But if I run this in my driver, the result is empty.

Any Idea what I am doing wrong?

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