Micro Focus is pleased to announce the release of 'NetIQ Group Policy
Administrator (GPA) version 6.8'
NetIQ GPA provides a complete offline environment for Active Directory
Group Policy Object (GPO) change configuration and management. You
receive full certainty that GPOs will perform as expected by using GPA
to securely create, check-in, modify, test, roll-back, and approve GPOs
in the GP repository before checking GPOs out for promotion to the
production Active Directory environment. With the release of version
6.8, policy administrators have an additional benefit of being able to
review and merge GPOs to improve GPO accuracy while reducing GPO
redundancy and complexity.

The release of NetIQ GPA version 6.8 provides:
1. quick and complete recovery from GPO issues through secure offline
configuration management of the GPO process including the ability to
roll back GPOs to the last-known working state
2. knowledge of who creates, changes, and deletes a GPO without
performing time-consuming analysis, through central management of GPOs
in untrusted domains, and migration of GPOs between domains
3. ability to limit the risk of error by controlling privileged user GPO
permissions through GPO change delegation to other users without
impacting AD permissions

Key features of the new release include:
1. GPO comparison and merge facility. Policy administrators can view,
compare, and consolidate GPOs to eliminate duplicate and incomplete
GPOs. GPA 6.8 allows administrators to merge all GPO components
including settings, delegation, links, and WMI filters
2. Automate GPA operations with new support for the MS PowerShell
scripting language. The new Powershell support will support the same GPA
operations and naming conventions that are currently supported in the
VBScript and .Net Language
3. SQL 2014 support for GPA Installation and Repository Operations

For more information about this release, please refer to:
'Release Notes' (
'User Guide/Installation' (
'Download page (myNetIQ logon)
' (
To learn more about this version, contact 'NetIQ Technical Support'

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