Hi there!

I am working on a federation for a few of the users, this has been setup
between our NAM and ADFS.

It has been setup in such a way that, NAM acts as IDP for this
application from our vendor.

- The user goes to this URL
- This URL presents the user with an option to login to their internal
site or redirect to our site
- User clicks to redirect to our site
- Where he is asked for his email address
- Enters the email address
- Then gets redirected to our login page, but instead of getting a
login page, he gets blank page
- But, if the user refreshes the page, then he is presented with a
normal login page
- While going through the logs, it seems that there is one cookie that
is not shared, thus causing the blank page
- With the refresh this cookie is sent and user is presented with
login page

Below are the URLs to the log entries of the same:
Before refresh:

After page refresh:

Is this some kind of a bug or are there any configuration changes that I
might need to make here.


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