We have a one server environment. We recently updated from OES 11 SP2 to 2015 (this is running on SLES 11 SP3). I have noticed that when the NSS volume is mapped in Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR1), after browsing through a few folders, windows explorer becomes unresponsive and will even crash at times. Usually this takes 1-3 minutes then it will recover, and happen again after browsing through a few different folders.

Originally I thought this was only happening on Windows 10 machines but yesterday I was able to recreate this on a Windows 7 machine. I will say this is the only time I have seen this happen on a Windows 7 computer though. We did not have an issue with either Windows version while on OES 11 SP2. Has anyone else seen this issue and know of a fix, or where I should begin looking to find the problem? Any information or advice would be much appreciated!