I can provide screen shots if needed.

Since upgrading to GW2014R2 I have had a strange happening. (assumption: nds uname= fmlast | GW uname = flast)

I have set the preferred address format in system to: username@internetdomain. Domain, PO and User options are set to NOT over-ride and show where it is set from.

In iManager after creating the NDS user object and using the GW selection, the user gets created in the GW system. I then rename the user in the GW system to match naming scheme. I select synchronize and also publish e-mail address. When selecting "view email addresses" the (at the top) "Preferred Address Format:" is correct with flast shown. When I look at the NDS object the fmlast is published from GW system. When I look at the GW:userobject:General tab it shows the flast for the email address.

So When I look at the NDS object to see the new published address it is NOT updated.

If I take the GW:userobject:internet addressing tab and click override for Preferred Address Format, even though it already shows username@internetdomain, then publish the address, it pushes it correctly. If I set it off of override and publish again, it will set it back incorrectly.

In thinking that the system is just not seeing the correct setting, I changed the system, domain, post office -- to a different setting and then set them all back to the corrected default, with no change to the corrected outcome.

This was working correctly with GW2014, it just changed after R2 installation.