You might want to swap to curl...i have had unexpect results with wget
and have complete moved to curl...there is a bug where imonitor hangs
with an open port without returning data. wget will just sit there and
do nothing till you restart ndsd. when you hit the bug, reloading
imonitor does fix the issue


i get Change Cache this way for performance stats.

NDSCC=`curl --connect-timeout $CURL_TO -s -k
"https://$SERVERIP:$httptlsport/nds/changecache/data?ref=TCP=$SERVERIP&ref=UDP=$SERVERIP&dn=$TREEN AME"|grep
Count|awk '{print $4}'|cut -d "<" -f1`

iMontior is sometimes dodgy and i am actually here to try to see if i
can find a different way to do it with out doing the pull that way.

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