Hello evry one,

We have recently set a TESTING environment of eDirectory from the
PRODUCTION environment , all the users have been exported from
PRODUCTION, their passwords ( Universal Passwords) too

We are having NICI/NMAS error -1418 when attempting to set the
universal passwords for the imported users on TESTING environment

Our environment is made up by 3 eDir servers

1- Master : eDirectory for Linux v8.8 SP1 - NMAS
2- Read/Write Replica : eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP6 - NMAS
3- Read/Write Replica : eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP6 - NMAS

The import from the PRODUCTION is ok and the replication is ok ( 0
error )

SDIDIAG on the master server shows the keys are OK ( unable to run on
replicas because there is no SDIDIAG 64 bits )

The problem is that when attempting to change the Universal Password
for a given user via iManager NICI/NMAS error -1418 shows up on
iMonitor trace

It's most probably because Universal passwords have been encrypted in
PRODUCTION environment with key 'A' and TESTING is attempting to decrypt
them with key 'B' (another Key)

My question is how to export the Universal password Encryption key from
PRODUCTION environment to TESTING environment

How to solve this issue


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