Hi ,

I had a passowrd policy and a challenge set, which contains 2
1. What is yout pin number ?
2. What is your ID ?
I am able to set the questions to a user using the
NMASChallengeResponseMgr API using the method setChallengeQuestions. My
Question is in this format.

String Question="<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?><Challenges
GUID=\"1393599725940\" RandomQuestions=\"1\"><Challenge Define=\"Admin\"
MaxLength=\"255\" MinLength=\"2\" Type=\"Random\"
display=\"en_US\"><![CDATA[What is your User

But When I am logging into User Application , and clicking on Password
Challenge Responses. It is showing me the same two questions as above.

What is wrong with the code ? Or NMASChallengeResponseMgr Class is
worthlless to use, because I have not seen anywhere any article related
to this. How to use that ?

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