iFolder 3.92 running on OES11SP2
All users can access files via the installed Windows client
Admin web tools function as expected
No user, including admin can login into the iFolder web page.
When supplying credentials, they are immediately returned to a login page asking for credentials to be re-entered and the URL shows https://ifolderserver.someserver.com...N.UNAUTHORIZED.
Have tried Chrome, IE and Firefox with the same results.
Tailing the simias.log during the process shows nothing so I assume we are not even getting that far.
A packet trace seems to show some client server exchange over 443 so I am assuming maybe a certificate issue? I can't tell from the trace if there is a failure during the exchange. No resets or odd traffic to strange IP addresses.
Just looking for troubleshooting ideas as I am very new to the iFolder product. Thank you.