Running SSPR in IDM/OSP configuration we are facing this strange

If a user loggs in first to SSPR it is possible for the user to answer
and save the challenge responses. But if this user is using the
forgotten password module the process is running into the 5026 error
which usually occurs if the ldap proxy rights (nspmPasswordPolicyACL)
are not set correctly.

If the same user loggs in to sspr changeging the password is working.
After the password is once set through SSPR the forgotten password
process is working as designed - even if the password is changed through
an other process (iManager, LDAP, etc) through an admin user!

This issue can be reproduced!

Does any one have an idea?

The SSPR log is showing the 5026 Error (Unable to establish session
password) for the giveb user together with nmas 1665 and -222 errors

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