Has anybody successfully imaged Surface Pro 4's with Windows 10 booting UEFI?

Each time I tried to boot into dump an image to the Surface Pro, I'd get segmentation errors - assuming it couldn't see the hard drive due to lack of drivers.

Currently running 11.4 with the latest driver update, I'm getting this error message, the same one mentioned here: https://forums.novell.com/showthread...drives-me-nuts

Binary is verified by the vendor certificate
ELILO v3.14 for EFI/x86_64
Loading kernel /efi/x86_64/linux… Done
Loading initrd /efi/x86_64/initrd………………………..initrd.c(line 100):read image(/efi/x86_64/initrd) failed: 1

We're also trying to image HP ProBook 840 G2 units which when they boot into Zenworks Imaging Maintenance, the display is all distorted.

We're trying to make the change to UEFI along with Windows 10 and it's been nothing but a pain.