Hi all,

as we know, IDM UA 4.5.x does not support the SSO Header authentication
method anymore. But our customer is using SSO Header in his
infrastructure and he has not been agree to change it to SAML. Therefore
we have developed a next layer for UA (apache reverse proxy with Simple
SAML PHP module) which consumes a SSO Header from Airlock and creates a
SAML token. We were struggling several weeks with this but finally it
Unfortunately we have one issue there. The Change password does not
work. If I click on the "Change password" link in the Identity
Self-Service tab, I get a blank content in the main frame. ...nothing is
in the OSP log file (OSP in debug mode) and something more is in
catalina.out but I do not know what can be a problem.

2016-01-19 13:14:38,165 [http-bio-443-exec-2] DEBUG
com.novell.roa.resources.PwdMgtResources- [RBPM] service: password
2016-01-19 13:14:38,166 [http-bio-443-exec-2] ERROR
com.novell.roa.resources.PwdMgtResources- [RBPM] Service not

Full catalina output is as an attachment.

Please, do you have any idea, what can be wrong?
btw. If the IDM authentication method is username/password we have no
issue. If we switch to the SAML authentication (with our proxy and
Airlock) then we have this issue.


|Filename: catalina.zip |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=403 |

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