I had a site that was testing Filr 1.2 with a few local users (3). They then decided to sync their LDAP (eDir) to Filr to create accounts. This worked fine, but the 3 local users also excited in LDAP. Even though they still shown as local/direct users in the User list in Filr, they can no longer login to their Filr accounts. I see this error in the log:

2016-01-19 12:06:28,645 WARN [http-apr-8443-exec-6] [com.novell.teaming.module.authentication.impl.Plus AuthenticationProviderModule] - [client] user doe: authentication
failure: org.kablink.teaming.security.authentication.UserMi smatchException: The user account for the name, doe, does not belong to the authenticated user
appserver.log lines 111238-111268/111268 (END)

It looks like it is doing an LDAP bind for these users, but then realizes that the LDAP user doesn't match the local/direct users.

Is there any way to fix/resolve this?