I found out that we are stating on a bug. Our system is OES11SP2 with all latest patches.

The first time all users are in iFolder. After 1 month the "change_proxy_pwd.sh" is run.

Then the users in iFolder are not updated anymore.
The manual sync button does not work and generates an error.

2016-01-19 14:17:32,187 [434087680] ERROR Simias.LdapProvider.Sync - NDS error: failed authentication (-669)
2016-01-19 14:17:32,187 [434087680] ERROR

On this link it is a known issue, but there is not told how to fix it.

iFolder Common Proxy Password Update Fails #

On the OES 11 server, iFolder common proxy password update fails when changing password with the change_proxy_pwd.sh script.

Can you tell me how to fix it?