I am trying to make sense of how the logout process works.

Right now I am running IDM 4.5.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2, both IDV and

I have not installed SSPR.

In configupdate under Password Management it is configured like so:

Password Management Provider: User Application (Legacy)
Forgotten Password: None

When logging out of the UA from IDMProv I get:


HTTP Status 404 - /IDMProv/public/Logout


In the "old UA" meaning IDMProv under -> Administration -> Application
Configuration -> Login -> Logout URL - I guess I have to put the URL for
which I want to redirect the user, after logging out of the UA.

So just for fun, I set it to: https://google.com

This results in: Sometimes, I get redirected to google, and sometimes, I
get the above error. To be exactly, every SECOND time I log out, I get
that error. So: login -> logout -> google -> login -> logout -> error ->
login -> logout -> google -> etc

This is what happens, when i log into IDMProv. If I log into landing I
get a multitude of different results and I cannot figure out when and
why it does what. Three different cases occur.

I either get:

Logout error like above, or:
Refresh of landing again and still logged in, or:
Actual logout

If I change the logout URL under IDMProv to:
https://myserver:8443/IDMProv I get: Logout page is invalid.

So, my questions are:

1. The logout URL that i can provide under IDMProv, should that also
work for logout at landing and dash?
2. Why can't I set the logout URL to the login page?
3. I would like to just redirect to the login screen at /landing after a
logout from landing and/or also from /dash - how do I do this?

Thanks in advance,


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