I was looking at the Resource service WSDL at the createResourceRequest,
and I do not see how you specify a Resource container can be specified
when creating it.

In the createRoleRequest, there is a line:

Which seems to be the name of the container. (I hope... Did not test
yet, might be cn=ContainerName, or just ContainerName).

But I do not see the same in the WSDL generated by a 4.5 user app. (Did
not try getting one from a 4.5.2 (if someone has a 4.5.2 resource
service WSDL handy and can open it in SOAP UI that would be mighty handy
to confirm if 4.5 vs 4.5.2 matters) yet, but is it possible via SOAP to
make a Resource in a sub container? If so, how?