I have a standalone OES11 server with eDirectory 8.8 (latest ver) installed. I have an old Netware 6.5 sp5 server in a tree, extended with an OU for Groupwise (SLES 11 SP3). The Groupwise server has the master replica, the Novell a RW replica.

The Novell server is ultimately being replaced by the OES 11 server.
I have installed our ERP system onto the OES11 server, company has thoroughly tested it and I will be migrating over the data in a few weeks in the plan to go live with all users on this OES server.

Is the best way to do this is make sure the health checks are all good, then add the OES11 server to the current tree, put on it a RW replica, then have everyone point to the OES11 server to login, then when all is well and everyone can connect, I can remove the old Netware server from the tree? I've never ever had to do this before, so I need some advice.

Thanks very much!