I had to upgrade a "Resource" to a full "User".
As I was told a direct upgrade wasn't possible, I took the following steps:
1. Shared all the Resource's folders with an existing user.
2. The existing user moved all mails to new folders in his own mailbox.
3. Deleted the Resource and created a full User with the same username (=mailaddress) as the old Resource.
4. The existing user shared the new folders with the new full User.
5. The new full User moved the mail to new folders in her new mailbox.

No errors was shown during these actions.

BUT apparently, not all mails are visible in the new mailbox.
The mailbox indicates 101 unread mails, although all mails in the box has been reopened.
Sent items indicates 1078 items, but only 668 are shown.

I'm not that worried about some lost mails, but it's very irritating with the indication of 101 unread mails in the Mailbox.
I tried to move all mails form Mailbox to an other folder, but even then the - now empty - Mailbox shows 101 unread items.

I ran a Maintenance on Post Office, with Structure and Index check, but that didn't help.

Any other suggestions?

Jens Jakob Sørensen, Dansk Centralbibliotek
GW 2014.0.2 on Win2008R2