"Normally" the users login to SLES from Windows workstations, it's working fine .

We have some Macs; our users should connect to server to afp-ressources to get access to some folders.
If the user wasn't logged in on on PC for a while he can connect to SLES the Mac using the Mac "Goto | connect to server...".
But if he just has disconnected from Windows workstation and tries to connect from Mac (after some minutes up to 1/2 hour) he gets an error message (password/loginname wrong).

SLES log "messages" gives an -1688 and -670 error.

Our users are limited to one simultaneous login only. So I tested for one user to increase the limit to two simultaneous logins and - voila - he could connect to the server ressource.

So I think, that after user logout edirectory waits a while until it frees the connection. Is there any possibility to reduce the time (to ca. 5 minutes) so that the users can reuse their login on the other machine in shorter time?


On Windows workstations at relogin on other PC the novell client seems to reset the flag (?) so this behavior isn't shown.