Hi There

I have currently the following environments

Environment 1

1. IDM 4.5
2. iManager 7.7.5

Environment 2

1. IDM 4.02
2. iManager 7.7

- We want to forward IDM XDAS and eDir XDAS event to a SYSLog server
- IDM XDAS type events is working so config file and IDM iManager is
- eDirectory XDAS(tab) in iManager in environment 1 is nowhere to be
seen although I have uninstalled and re installed iManager plugins 8.8
version 2.7.20150902

Does anybody have an idea if XDAS is supported in iManager 7.7.5 and if
not how to forward to SYSLOG.
If XDAS for eDir is still supported how to resolve the issue.

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