I am currently using NSM to manage user home drives/web space on our campus. All of our faculty have a policy assigned to their OU (or directly) for a home drive and an auxiliary policy which creates a webspace accessible via drive letter on a different file server for them. I have been tasked expanding the use of the webspace to a small number of our students as well. Our student container is assigned a policy for creation of their home drive (similar to the faculty policy) and it has worked well for years. I have created another policy assigned to a student-webmaster group which is identical to the "standard" student policy with the exception that it also has the auxiliary policy which creates the web space assigned to it. The policy for students with web space has a higher weight (10 vs 1) to ensure it gets priority over the more general student policy.

For whatever reason, NSM is not picking up when I add a student to the student-webmaster group and using the auxiliary policy to create the webspace. If I assign the policy directly to a user rather than to the group, the engine sees the change and the aux policy runs without problem. I have event servers installed on all three of the eDirectory servers in my environment and when I view the console on the event monitor (using nsm event-config), the event appears to be picked up as the "modify" event count goes up. It just refuses to actually process the change.

I'm running v 4.0.0-33 on my engine server and v4.0.0.12 of the event service on my SLES 11 eDir servers. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for the assistance!