We're running latest version of Filr 1.2 Hot Patch 4 (Large installation was used with two App servers).

All is working very well but I have one OES file system that keeps giving me this new error for all new users.

It's a very clean error with a pop-up when I go to the new user's "My Files".
The header of the popup window says "A Message from Filr..." with the message being "The folder is not accessible."

I've tried many things and I simply can't find the cause of this error.
From Admin Console, if I go to the new user's Net Folder for their Home directory and click "Test Connection" it responds properly with "Test succeeded".

It's almost like I've reached some kind of limit for that file system but there's only 20 NetFolders for that file system (NetFolders & Home directories combined).
The existing Home directories and NetFolders on that file system continue to work fine.

I'm out of ideas, thanks for any help.