ZCM 11.2, single primary server - linux. I have a two line batch file for a Windows WS that I am trying to run which first imports a new Cert for a new ZCM system then switches the primary server and zone that the WS points to so it is pointing to a new ZCM 11.4.1 primary server. The batch file runs fine when I run it manually. So I set it up as a bundle in the 11.2 system. I have a single Install Action to install the batch file to the temp dir as the Dynamic Administrator. I have this bundle user-associated for testing purposes. When I click on the bundle Icon on the desktop I see the dialog indicating that it is downloading and installing the program and then nothing.

I am still confused as to whether I can use the 'Install' action to install and run the batch file or if I have to 'Install' the batch file with the Install action then 'Launch' the batch file with a separate Launch action.

If I look in the zmd-messages.log I don't see anywhere that it mentions the name of the bundle or the GUID for the bundle so I am not sure it ran, however I see the batch file that the bundle should have pushed down in the c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp dir so at least that part worked.

Is there a good explanation somewhere about the differences between the different actions such as Distribute, Install and Launch?

Where should I look to see why the batch file did not run?