Hi Forum,

we want to move our netware service agent to oes linux.
While gathering all necessary data I noticed some odd behaviour:
On Windows 7 clients the command "slpinfo /a" shows all knows servers and their IP's in a simple table.
Unfortunately the Names don't match the correct IP's. For example the ip address of an netware cluster node is shown with the name of a oes linux groupwise server. Also this mappings change from time to time.
The Novell documentation says to insert the short hostname into the /etc/hosts of affected oes linux server. But that is already done and this file was not changed since installation.

I don't know if this is related, but on windows login sometimes the message "server or tree was not found" pops up.Normally on the next boot the message wont appear and login works as usual.

Any input is appreciated, thx!