We have 11.4.1 including Imaging Update from december 2015.
For new hardware we use the hardware rules to define if a machine needs to be imaged.
We discovered that the system-manufacturer and system-product-name are mixed up.
The manufacturer is Lenovo and the Product Name is something like 20BW000EMH

When looking at img -info, the System Manufacturer is 20BW000EMH and the Computer Product Name seems to be the serial number of the device.
The Manufacturer is under BIOS asset tag !

When in imaging mode and looking at
- dmidecode -s system-manufacturer
- dmidecode -s system-product-name
the correct information is presented
The information in the BIOS is also correct

We did not have this problem in version 11.3.1

For now we have changed our hardware rule accordingly, but is this a bug?