Whatís in this Patch Release? This Service Pack consists of bug fixes
which are marked for The patch installer installs Java 8 Update
68 automatically on the target system. The service pack also contains
fixes for .NET Remote Loader,

New Features / Feature Changes
Association Statistics feature. This includes a new IDM job and Identity
Manager plugin enhancements for iManager.
Note: This is a security patch for POODLE (CVE-2014-3566) & FREAK
Vulnerability. Already provided as part of
Note: If using the remote loader. The Engine and Remote Loader MUST be
patched to at least otherwise SSL will no longer function.
Note: SLES12 & RHEL 7 refer to IDM 4.5.3 release notes for issues
specific to these OS.

Current Fixes:

- token-map fails to evaluate token, breaking map functionality. Bug
- Issuing a status with @level="fatal" from startup policy does not
stop the driver. Bug 939548
- Cloned for 4.5.3: Migrate user with entitlements revoked ;
DirXML-Associations are not being removed for revoked instances. Bug
- Engine is filtering out the search filter from query-ex while doing
migration. Bug 948757
- SLES 12 and RHEL 7.1 : IDM 45 AE : UAD driver deployment throws "V
R Driver Interface Module not found - Error 783. Bug 919047

Patch Installer Defects:

- Install of Remote loader fails on Java if IDM engine still running
on same server. Bug 948699
- IDM 4.0.2 Remote loader patch 7 installation fails if installation
path contains a space. Bug 943052

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