NetIQ Identity Manager Service Pack 3 - Designer 4.5.3 released!

Fixes Found in this Patch

- Bug 943088 - Import of Libraries strip off the referred
policy if it's in a library.
- Bug 941930 - Designer reports error when creating a new
version of an existing package and while linking a new item to the new
version of the package.
- Bug 917501 - Do-add-role, using any driver, fails
withjava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error
- Bug 934399 - Unable to save changes made to ecma
- Bug 939553 - Changes to Startup/Shutdown policies do
not show in Compare/Deploy views as pseudo driver attributes (edit)
- Bug 940836 - Refresh Application Schema with multiple
servers in driverset fails
- Bug 946169 - Designer mangles arguments for
- Bug 947916 - Designer 4.5.2: Designer startup on Linux
prints verbose messages on the console
- Bug 948845 - action for do-generate-xdas-event is
- Bug 955117 - Cannot import more than 20 resources from
an xml file using designer
- Bug 959536 - Designer is not allowing to add value for
"Specify Timeout value"under do "add role" action (edit)

security fixes
Service Pack 3 addresses the following Common Vulnerabilities and
Exposures (CVEs) for the Identity Applications:

- CVE-2015-0787
- CVE-2016-1592

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