We upgraded to 2014R2 Groupwise and then GMS just over a week ago. Everything went fine.

I'm now playing with Outlook 2013 Clients for the first time connecting to GMS 2014.2
These users all have iphones connecting happily to GMS server and yet whenever I try connecting to outlook 2013 it lets me connect happily with no errors, saying user/pass combination is fine etc... But I don't get any emails for any of the users, it doesn't pull down any non standard folders. Basically it says it's connecting but it's empty!

I can send using it. I've tried sending to work email and to one of my personal internet based email accounts and they work fine.

I reply to the emails and they go back to groupwise / iphone / but again don't appear in Outlook 2013.

So sending fine.... Actually viewing what's in my mailbox, not so much....

Any ideas on where i'm going wrong? Or what I need to kick, would be greatly appreciated.