After updating the webapplications to SP3 I can not use any application
anymore :-(

I did the OSP Update, SSPR and APPS and I run the SAML 1.1.1
update on the eDir Server.

When restarting tomcat I can not see any error. (except that the jvm
parameter maxPermSize is not supported anymore in version 8)

All deployments (/landing, etc.) were listed as successful and I can
even see the refreshing of the mapping tables (resources) in

Whenever I try to login to any of the applications I am receiving the
new login mask (nice) but after providing the credentials osp does not
forward to the corresponding application. The only thing remaining is
the login mask :-(

When looking at catalina.out I can see that the authentication was
successful but nothing more - not even an error regarding the forwarding

Any hints ?

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