We are running IDM 4.5 and have several workflows. Each workflow has at
least one DN Lookup field on the request forms. The workflows work fine
in FireFox but when we try to use Chrome 48 we run into issues trying to
open the window.

When uses click the magnifying glass the following Juice error is
displayed and the lookup window opens but is completely blank

"User: an error occurred JUICE.UICtrlUtil.PopinWindow.constructor.
Please contact your system administrator. Detailed information can be
found in the console. (Cannot read property 'style' of null)"

There are no buttons so we cannot close the window to return to the form
so we are forced to close the window completely. Oddly, if I close out
of UA completely and go back in I can get the window to work the first
time I access a form but any subsequent attempt to open that field on
any other request results in that error.

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