A wonderful good day to the community!

I'm using vlog, and here's what I want to achieve:

Every day at 20:00 o'clock, I want to move the logfile created by vlog to a different folder (keeping 30 versions of it), and have vlog start a new file.

To achieve this, I have written the following script:

vlog stop
/bin/cp --backup=numbered /media/nss/DAT/Programme/FileLog/FileAccess.log /media/nss/DAT/Programme/FileLogBackup/FileAccess.log
rm -f /media/nss/DAT/Programme/FileLog/FileAccess.log
find /media/nss/DAT/Programme/FileLogBackup -mtime +30 -type f -delete
sleep 15
> /media/nss/DAT/Programme/FileLog/FileAccess.log
sleep 15
vlog start

I have put the script into crontab like this:

0 20 * * * root /root/bin/restartvlog

The script works fine and does exactly what I want it to when I run it manually (either by double clicking it in Nautilus or calling it from the console).

However, when run as a cronjob, the script only partly works. It seems like there is some problem with vlog restarting or stopping. When I skip the line creating the file FileAccess.log, there is no such file at all (when I manually restart vlog, this file gets created automatically). When I do not skip the line, the file is created, but vlog doesn't use it (it stays at 0kb in size). If I manually (meaning not via crontab) stop vlog, manually create the file, and then manually start vlog again, it uses the file I created and writes its entries into it.

Any ideas what might go wrong here? Is it maybe not at all possible in OES Linux to have crontab start a script which in turn stops / restarts a service?

Thanks for any advice. :)