We have ZCM 11.4.1 now in our Win 7 network (but most all machines run the 11.2 agent). Now I'm testing Win 10 and installed the 11.4.1 agent and it works fine on network...but when I take my Win 10 laptop home and boot off the network, after Windows login (with cached credentials), the desktop appears and then I get the prompt to login to ZCM. How can I get it to auto-login using the Windows cached credentials?

Currently in Windows 7, we still have the 11.2 agent running, and when the laptop is off the network, no ZCM agent login appears and no ZENworks application launcher starts up; that's ok since most of the icons are only good on the network anyway.

Is there a way to to either a) have the 11.4.1 agent know that it's off the network and don't bother with ZCM login at all, or b) have the 11.4.1 agent use the Windows cached credentials to auto-login?