I'm trying to setup NAM and SSPR so on NAM login SSPR
CommandServlet?proccessAction=checkExpire is called and if the user is
within the threshold they'll get the appropriate warning screen and if
they click Skip they'll be taken to the url they were going to. equally
if the user is not within the password expiry threshold they'll be
redirected to where they were going.
I have created a path-based proxy service for /sspr and protected
resources for:
/sspr/* (public resource)
/sspr/private/* (restricted)
/sspr/private/config/* (restricted with auth policy)
/sspr/private/admin/* (restricted with auth policy)
I have configured Redirect Login URL on the login contract to be as
https://some.company.biz/sspr/private/CommandServlet?processAction=checkExpire&forwardUR L=<RETURN_URL>
Do I set this instead of Password Expiration Servlet option or as well

The NetIQ documentation is a bit sparse on this point. You'd think this
would be something they would have a detailed example for as I would
expect wanting to make use of SSPR's capability to warn the user of
impending password expiry and giving them an option to change the
password would be a big selling point!


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