At our organization we use the same select box for many different custom forms; job titles. Since Vibe does not allow for the use of the same select box across many different forms I created a very simple JSP and added it to my form and it works great. This way, anytime there is an update to the job title list I update my custom jsp, save it and it updates on ALL forms where we use the Job Titles drop down. The one downfall of this is whenever a user goes into modify the actual form the selection does not save in the Entry Form Definition view. So for instance if the job title "Assistant Director, Business Systems" was selected, and I was to go in and modify the form for any reason, it diverts back to the first selection in the drop down list (which in this case is blank). Does anyone know why this would be? I've copied the simple html below... Am I doing something wrong here? Why does it reset to the first selection upon modification? Any help or direction would be so very much appreciated.

<b>Job Title <font color="red">*</font></b><br>
<select name ="drop" required>
<option value ="blank"></option>
<option value ="Assistant Director, Business Systems"> Assistant Director, Business Systems</option>
<option value ="Associate Director, Information Systems"> Associate Director, Information Systems</option>
<%@ include file="/WEB-INF/jsp/definition_elements/init.jsp" %>