I have GroupWise set to run in plain text views but am getting HTML formatting in emails when I copy and paste from other programs. I have the options set to use Plain Text as the default Compose View and the default Read View and the box checked to Use default views for reading. On the Read View I have the box checked to Force view.

Some examples of unexpected results:
If I copy to the clipboard and paste into a message, the HTML formatting comes in, even though the View menu says it is in plain text mode. This happens copying from Word, Internet Explorer, Adobe reader, etc. Selecting Edit>Paste Special>UnFomattedText has no effect. If I add the step of pasting into Notepad and then copying out of there, the formatting is removed. Shouldn't the plain text mode to work like Notepad and not accept any formatting?

If I click on an email address on a webpage that opens a new message window, under View, the message is in HTML format - not Plain text which is my default.

Running GroupWise client v14.0.2 build 122083 on Windows 7.