IDM 4.5.2 on Winders

Anyone ever seen where the licenses are installed, and then at some
point they no longer are valid? And you get an error for each license
installed that:
ACT_E_DECODE_ERROR and An unexpected tag was found in the data.

This has happened once before at a client and I thought I reinstalled
them, but it seems to have come back...

I wonder if this is related to LBE... I know that if your user has a
sasLoginConfigurationKey style data on it, and you use the LBE tool to
write to that object, it seems like it re-writes those attributes wrong.
This causes 618 errors in UA when you try to use Challenge/Response or

I wonder if maybe I touched the Driverset object in LBE, and the goofy
characters at the beginning of the DirXML-ACT3 attribute caused a
similar problem? Hmm...