Hello Everyone.

Hope your new year has started out well.

I've been reconfiguring my DLT drivers to use the Generic Text Driver.
And I started to have an issue with the remoter loader.

I'm seeing this in the log file.

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Thread = Loader
Level = fatal
Message = Unable to create driver: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
C:\Novell\RemoteLoader\64bit\lib\GenFileDriverShim _0.9.jar

Here's what my config file looks like;

-description "genParDLT"
-commandport 8001
-connection "port=8091"
-trace 5
-tracefile "C:\novell\remoteloader\64bit\genParDLT-Trace.log"
-tracefilemax 4096M
-class "C:\Novell\RemoteLoader\64bit\lib\GenFileDriverShi m_0.9.jar"

Am I missing something?

Would anyone know if there are configuration instructions for setting up
the Remote Loader with the Generic driver.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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