I am about to upgrade to 11.4.1 in several environments.
Just upgraded my lab-environment to test.
Was at 11.4.0. Made it by the book, PreReq-update first, 11.4.1 after that.
Worked fine.
After that I am trying to push out updated agent to machines via ZCC,, System Updates.
Tested two so far.
Both of them, one Win 7 Pro, and one Win 7 Enterprise, went up to 92%, and then Windows Explorer crashes.
Dialog box says that "Windows Explorer has stopped working. Press button to restart it".
Agent seems to get updated correct, comes to 100% and wants to restart machine.
Things seems to work fine after restart.
But if we shall push out agent to thousands of maching in real environment, we cant have Explorer to crash on every one.
Are these two just a coincident, or is this a known problem?