I need to recreate the share that is currently holding my AD users home
folders. This is currently setup as the Netfolder \\server\share. I'm
not bothered about cutting off access to Filr whilst I do this but I do
want to minimise the amount of resync that may be involved afterwards so
my proposal is as follows. Can anyone foresee any problems?

1 - Shutdown all Filr appliances (Web, MySQl, Search)
2 - Create new share \\server\new_share
3 - robocopy \\server\share \\server\new_share /r:1 /w:1
/log:C:\Adminlog.txt /tee /v /copy:OUDAT /IS /e /dcopy:t
I think that this should copy all files and folders from existing to new
share preserving timestamps but not copying NTFS permissions so that
permissions will be inherited from the root of the new share
4 - Reinstate individual users permissions
5 - Rename \\server\share to \\server\old_share
6 - Rename \\server\new_share to \\server\share
7 - Restart Filr appliances