I have a user that was fine last week but this week reports that the "send to" functionality is not working to send an email from another application.
I have tried to compare with a working PC but I don't see any registry differences.
There are no event logs recorded, but we do get a pop up that says "no connection".
This happens from several applications and also if you right click on a file and select send to groupwise mail recipient.
This is GroupWise 12.0.2 on a Win 7 Pro workstation.
I talked to a colleague who said other people in our organization are reporting similar behavior and reinstalling Office and GroupWise had no effect.
I've tried checking MAPI settings but from what I've read Microsoft got away from supporting simple MAPI in Win 7.
The GroupWise client functions correctly otherwise so it appears that the gwshlsnd.exe does not recognize that GroupWise is running.
I closed GroupWise and tried to use the send to and it launched the client but once it did then the utility popped up the "no connection" error.
Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas of what may have changed to introduce this behavior?