I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. We use OES11 mainly with still have some NetWare. It's hard to let it go. :-)

We use a Sonicwall firewall with a Single Sign on agent where users are configured to authenticate using using eDirectory ldap authentication. We have started getting random drop outs in Internet access yet the user has an IP address and can browse the network. The thing I am noticing is that when this happens, the user IP address no longer shows up in iManager (modify user environment IP address field/attribute or similarly ConsoleOne. When this field is again populated (by logging off and back on again) Internet access is restored. I've been given to understand that the Somicwall SSO agent uses this eDirectory field to determine the IP address of the connected user. I'm still checking that.

I'm wondering why though, that field should randomly not display the IP address of the user. When the field is empty the user can browse the network, print, check their GroupWise but do not have Internet access.