Build id: 20150716

I'm working on using the REST driver for the first time here, mostly just
playing with it to learn how it works, because I need it for some REST
based "cloud" services.

It looks like most of the magic of this is in the "xdsToJSON" conversion,
called from the Output Transform as:


but running Designer's Simulate on this barfs with an "xdsToJSON not
found". From some of Geoffrey's notes, I think this is contained in a
Java class. The policy defines a namespace for it as: rter

but apparently that's not sufficient for Designer to locate it. Surely
I'm not the only one to have tried to use Simulate on this, so what's the
magic? Or where's the magic, maybe would be a better way to put it? Do I
have to actually go dig a Java jar file out of the downloads for this
driver and add it to Designer? Or should that already be in place and I'm
missing something?

David Gersic
Knowledge Partner

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