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Thread: Do Not Use Filr 2.0 Build 419

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    Exclamation Do Not Use Filr 2.0 Build 419

    An updated Filr 2.0 appliance (Build 421) is now available for download. If you had previously downloaded and deployed the Filr 2.0 Build 419, please perform an Update from Filr 2.0 Build 419 to Filr 2.0 Build 421 as soon as possible, just as if you were upgrading from Filr 1.2 (See Upgrading Filr).

    If you (or your users) have installed the Filr 2.0 Desktop client (Windows build 213), it is recommended that you uninstall and then re-install the latest Desktop client included with the updated Filr 2.0 applicance (Windows build 214).

    The current Filr 2.0 build 419 (Filr.x86_64- posted on Feb 9, 2016 is going to be removed and re-released next week.
    This is because a Microsoft Windows 10 update that was released on Feb 10, 2016 has caused a major issue with the Filr 2.0 Desktop client.

    If you have already downloaded and installed Filr 2.0 Build 419, please discard it and wait for an updated release next week.
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