So this seems to be typical, wondering if I missed anything.

Processing thru eDir driver, 1000 events queued, usually clears in under
10 minutes or so
Processing thru JDBC driver (hitting a read only table in Oracle), 1000
events queued, usually clears in 5 minutes or so
Processing thru loopback driver, load up 1000 identities and let it rip,
under 5 minutes.
AD driver? 1000 events takes over an hour to complete and bogs down
password processing and sync while the events chew thru.

AD Remote loader, Virtual, 2008R2, 8GB Ram, 8 processors , 1GB network
trace set to 0/off , server is the PDC-E, password shim loaded and
running on all other DC's
IDVault - IDM 4.5 AE, Virtual, Sles 11SP3, 16GB Ram , 4 Processors ,
1GB network, trace set to 0, server has R/W replica of tree. Java heap
is min 512MB/max 1024MB, other drivers are JDBC, RRSD,2 loopbacks, eDir,
userapp is on another different box.

AD driver is mostly stock, nothing special going on in it. The AD is
fairly flat with the users kept in 3 different location OU's in it.

Anyone have any suggestions/ideas? it's virtual so we can up the memory
or procs, but nothing seems to be working overly hard, it mostly seems
to be waiting.

thanks in advance,

Dave G.

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