I have NetIQ IDM 4.5.1 configured properly with Google Apps Driver as entitlement-based provisioning. When start creating resource
in userApps, I can browse/select the Google App Driver entitlements;
User account creation entitlement and Group membership entitlement for
the created resource. In case of Group Membership entitlement, when
browsing on userApps, there are a number of groups showed up. But when
doing the same with User Placement entitlement type, there is no single
one of Organization Unit list displayed. It looks like the query of User
Placement Entitlement return null. I try flush all cache, and refresh
query of resource on userApps. But it did not return any items of
Organization Unit from Google.

Have every one faced similar issue with Google Apps driver? Please kind
help how to look more.
Thank you.

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