my javascript skills are not so good as I could easily write the
collector code to expand a function in a standard collector (here SUSE

In the original code there is a code like:
Record.prototype["parse-postfix/smptpd"] = function(message,

There are some log parsing rules missing so I like to expand this object
with my parsing rules added.
But how to write this javascript code?

Defining the same statement as above overwrites the original definition.

I am thinking of a pseudo-code like:
- first work on the original ["parse-postfix/smptpd"]-function
- then call my new ["parse-postfix/smptpd"] function to parse new

It has to be parsed here and in this way because in the connector code
at the beginning of all parsing there is a code like:
rt= Record.prototype["parse-"+this.s_AppID];
if (rt==false) send_unparsed;
Therefore if the event/App_id has no prototype events sent as


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