OK, I've tried about all I can but now I'm totally confused!

I am running eDirectory 8.8, SP8, with iManager 2.7.7, on SLES 11 SP4 server.
This server has a Read/Write replica (only 3 servers in this tree, which are on the same LAN) and I am logged in with administrator (full) rights.

I can go through and create a User Certificate with out any problems.
I can configure iManager, under RBS Configuration, so when the user logs in to retrieve the certificate they ONLY get the NetIQ Certificate Access option under Roles and Tasks.

However, when they click on User Certificate, it is empty.
I've played around with RIGHTS and SOMETIMES, (just a couple times), I have gotten the User Certificate to show up for the User.
OK so what's the problem?
Documenting one that is working for a User, I applied them to the newest user's Certificate, but when I login as the user its not there and the confuser I've gotten!

I'm sure that I'm missing documentation or I'm making it harder for myself than it should be, but your assistance would be greatly appreciated!