Okay, I've been using ZCM, since it was first released...why for the love of GOD can the System Updates for Zenworks, not be:

A. Streamlined
B. Easier
C. Faster

The system update interface is deplorable. The download depoy and update system chokes on updates all the time, and does not provide proper feedback. As well, even if you manually download, and then install an update, IE:
zman sui /tmp/ ZCM_11_4_Post_11SP4_Update_Prereq.zip (for exmaple purposes)

Even if you deploy NOW, it just sits, and dosen't deploy...
If one does a: zac ref (While guess what, it dosen't pick up the update right away, and you have to wait)....what I am stating is updates should be easier, and just work, not leaving the user wondering. This feed back was given to novell and attachmate years ago, and now I'm giving these feedback to you microfocus.....this needs to be fixed.