Ok, we have a problem with a program running off an NSS volume on OES 11 sp2 (SLES 11 SP3). All this was working a year ago: the server was setup to eventually replace our Novell server so that we could install the latest version of our ERP software and see how it worked, if users would have problems, etc. We had people logged in simultaneously and testing the server, data files moved to the server, running Crystal reports, using the ERP system. It worked very well. So towards year end 2015 we decided to plan the move. Over the past month, we have been migrating data from our old Netware server to this server and then this weekend, we moved to this server (updating the Novell client and the local workstation Pervasive software and ERP client software) to make it our production server starting tomorrow. Today I had a few people in to "test" the ERP and make sure data migrated over, everything works, data looks right, etc. What we found out was that for the ERP system, yes it all works, crystal works, etc. but only one person can log into the ERP program at at time, which was not the case last year. All the rights to all ERP system files are correct, I even went so far as to flag them all shareable (not necessary, but just wanted to eliminate the possibility). Have been through so much check this, check that with the ERP vendor, and they have come up nil Each person can successfully login an use the program if they are the only one logged in. The minute one person is logged into the program, no one else can login. They get an error. The vendor's feeling is is it's the OS preventing multiple access to the file. They are only familiar with Windows and this OS, in their mind, is "unsupported". ***But it worked fine for months in our testing with multiple users logged in at once. *******

So, I am trying to figure out what, if anything, in OES, may cause the situation where only one person can have a specific file open at a time, even if everyone has full rights, even if the file is flagged shareable, even if the license files for the programs area all valid and good and allow for multiple (30+) users logged in and using the program. The ERP runs with Pervasive 11 SP3. Pervasive is working fine, when you are into the ERP program you have access to all the data tables, can run queries, use reports, Crystal reports all run just fine. So I am stumped as to what else to look at!

Any suggestions from anyone would be helpful! I am at my wits end. Tomorrow no one will be able to work, and no work until I figure out what the heck is causing this.

Thanks in advance,